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welcome to associates in development usa
Associates in Development USA aims to be globally acknowledged as a multi-disciplinary service provider dedicated to professional excellence and integrity. Growing market demand for specialized and often integrated services has shaped the company’s business strategies and growth. Our twin emphases on quality and cost-effectiveness has led to the creation of a strong core team which is supported by a large and active network of specialized service providers in multiple disciplines. 

Project size, complexity, geographic location, and sector focus often dictates decisions on whether AiD USA or one of its international subsidiaries take the lead in project preparation and implementation. Many of our projects are managed by AiD Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan, however the company’s international focus has grown in recent years, thus leading to enhanced business development, networking and management leads by our subsidiary offices in the Middle East, Europe and the US.

When required, AiD USA operates in partnership with a wide range of local and international organizations. Nurtured by over two decades of continuing and high quality engagement, corporate relations with the large body of professional and technical resource organizations are strong, long-lasting and central to our business approach. The firm maintains a strong network of consulting and contracting firms, non-governmental organizations, research institutions and freelance professionals based in Pakistan, Asia, Europe, US, Australia and Canada. The firm’s accomplishments come as a natural spin-off of the total and longer-term commitment to our clients’ needs which defines our business approach and the standard operating procedures that guides the company’s day- to-day work. 

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