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Our Infrastructure and Engineering portfolio covers a broad range of services spanning the pre-feasibility stages to post completion with a high emphasis on cost effectiveness, quality, sustainability and end-user satisfaction. Core services cater to the following sub-sectors, while closely associated partner firms in Pakistan and the international markets are tapped for specialized Engineering Services:
• Architectural and Structural Engineering
• Transportation Engineering
• Water and Sanitation
• Geo-technical Engineering
• Irrigation Engineering
• Agriculture Engineering
• Energy and Power (including Alternative Energy and related sub-sectors)
• Land Surveys
Technical capacities for each sector spans the following types of expertise:
• Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
• Concept, Scheme and Detailed Design
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Construction Supervision and Contract Management
• Land Surveys
• Project Management and Turnkey Services
• Geo-technical and Geo-physical Site Investigations
• Sector Research, Policy analysis and Specialized Studies
Our strengths include hands on experience with design, construction and management of complex engineering projects and a long track record of successfully delivered contracts. Our Engineering division comprises a technical team who bring prior work experience on prestigious national and international assignments. The portfolio includes a rich diversity of projects ranging from roads, bridges and buildings; to dams and irrigation systems; water supply and sanitation; micro and large hydro power projects; to multi-sector public and private sector projects.
Other specialized services cover projects in municipal solid waste management, forensic distress evaluation, retrofitting, post construction evaluation and value assessments. Nearly two decades of work in some of the most vulnerable areas of Pakistan has also led to a unique knowledge and specialized capacities for work in “conflict and disaster hit” areas.
Virtually all projects rely on state of art “Planning and Management Systems” and a well established CAD environment backed by experienced staff and “high end” technology applications.

-Social Sector

The Social Sectors division offers comprehensive set of services related to Project Design/ Planning, Implementation, Third Party Monitoring, Impact Evaluation and thematic research studies. The portfolio is managed by practicing professionals with several years of national and international experience.
Our experiences demonstrate that sustainable development can only take place if governments and institutions are accountable and responsive; and where local communities including men and women are meaningfully empowered to contribute to planning and decision making at all tiers. Our work is largely shaped by this over-arching vision and also the reason why gender, local governance, participatory development and institutional capacities have been the central focus in virtually all AiD projects.
Advocating community-centred and sustainable development solutions, our services emphasize “cost effective”, “efficient” and "appropriate” development alternatives that facilitate wider impact and enhance the effectiveness of national, donor and locally funded programs.
Our Social Sectors profile reflects a rich diversity of projects covering following broad thematic areas.
• Poverty Reduction and Livelihood Development Programs
• Education and Health
• Rural and Urban Development
• Small and Medium Enterprises/Micro-finance
• Gender
• Local Governance and Decentralization
• Human and Institutional Development
• Participatory Development Programs
• Surveys, Evaluations and Research Studies
Within each broad sector, the firm typically assists with:
• Project Planning, Design and Implementation Management
• Institutional Analysis & Policy/ Framework Design
• Monitoring, Evaluation and lmpact Assessment
• Business Process Re-engineering & Automation
• Design and Implementation of Surveys
• Specialized Sectoral Research Studies
• Capacity Assessment and Training/ Mentoring Programs
Our work spans sector specific technical assistance to integrated poverty reduction and large development projects. The firm relies on a highly experienced team of thematic specialists including; Sociologists, Economists, Statisticians, Gender and Governance Experts and other professionals included in our world-wide data base of experts.
All of AiD’s projects, including the Social Sectors assignments, are delivered with particular focus on ‘professional excellence and integrity’. Our commitment to professional ethics has helped us build a strong reputation as a quality development consulting firm.

-Environment and Climate Change

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