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Service Capabilities
AiD USA is dedicated to working with governments, businesses and local communities to promote stability, economic development and good governance. AiD USA's management team has extensive professional experience operating in transition economies and consists of qualified technical experts with government and private sector experience in various parts of the world. Our staff has diversified sets of skills developed by working closely with the US military in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, the US department of State, International organizations and NGO’s.

The firm relies on a highly experienced team of management and engineering specialists, sociologists, economists, statisticians and trained enumerators who bring long years of experience in multiple sectors. All the portfolios are managed by practicing professionals with long years of national and international experiences. The firm has assisted with the design and implementation of capacity building/training programs on a variety of development themes. All programs have a strong practice orientation thus making the programs highly practical and relevant to every day developmental needs. AiD USA also offers comprehensive services ranging from assistance with Project Planning, Design, Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact assessments.

Our services span three distinct but mutually supportive sectors including:

  • Infrastructure and Engineering, and
  • The Social Sectors
  • Solar initiative
  • Speciall initiatives : The ‘Special Initiatives’ division aims at promoting a varied range of corporate interests at AiD. The focus ranges from Public Private Partnerships (PPP) to the promotion of “Solar Technologies for Development”, innovative service models in Municipal Service Provision; Integrated Livelihood Models; specialized turn-key projects to other initiatives with a potential for wider impact.
    The division also serves as a unique entrepreneurial platform for selected development partners closely affiliated with our company for many years. Within this dynamic and evolving structure, a team of experienced development practitioners continuously strive to promote innovative ideas that help AiD stay on the cutting edge of ‘development practice’ and thus contribute to the national development agenda in many ways.
    The focus on “Special Initiatives” emanate from our multidisciplinary team of development practitioners who bring diverse experience from across the globe. Our international offices in UK, USA and the UAE provide the additional impetus through access to state of the art knowledge and corporate networks that are actively tapped to add value to our work.

Core capacities in Infrastructure, Engineering and Social Sectors include support for the full project cycle ranging from:

  • Identification, Project Preparation and Appraisal studies to detailed Project design, Implementation Management,
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact studies.
  • Design and implementation of large surveys
  • Design and management of training programs in multiple disciplines
  • Research Studies
  • Policy and institutional analysis
  • Linguistics services
  • Filed Assessment of Infrastructure
  • IT infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Design and implementation of large surveys and research studies  
  • Business Process re-engineering
  • Social Sector studies

Core competences in Commercial Services include:

  • Import and Export
  • Real Estate Development
  • Technology Transfers
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