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Independent Process Monitoring and Evaluation (IPME) of the DFID contribution to the UNICEF Programme – Accelerating Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) in Neglected, Off-Track Countries
Project Scope

Department for International Development (DFID) has provided £35.5 million funding to UNICEF to implement the ASWA Programme, which will help accelerate progress in water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in nine countries: Niger, Madagascar, South Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Myanmar. Most of these countries are off-track towards meeting the MDG target and all have large numbers of poor people who do not have access to adequate water and sanitation facilities. The programme started in August 2013. WYG International, in partnership with Aguaconsult, was contracted by DFID in May 2014 to undertake the role of Independent Process Monitoring and Evaluation (IPME) of the ASWA programme. Three principal tasks were i) Monitoring and verification of ASWA results ii) Evaluation of processes and some anticipatory work on evaluating potential impact iii) Capacity building support to UNICEF country teams to help strengthen both programme and sector monitoring.


AiD performed a role as Country Monitor of Pakistan within the Independent Process, Monitoring and Evaluation (IPME) of the Accelerating Sanitation and Water for all (ASWA) Programme. A team of technical specialists were given the responsibility of appraisal of ASWA Programme Monitoring Systems and second, Output Verification of UNICEF 6-monthly Reports. AiD undertook a number of checking and Validation Tasks which assesses both the functionality of the system and accuracy of the date which the systems collect on regular basis. It will give IPME and DFID, the programme funding agency, confidence that accurate and reliable results are being reported from Pakistan. AiD also undertook the Final Evaluation-Country Mission for Pakistan along with the international consultants.

Across Pakistan
Project Period:
April 2015 – April 2016
Client: WYG
Project Value: US$ 10,0000
Associated Firms: None

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