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We have a highly capable and professional management team. Each member of our team is best suited for our business. They are highly experienced in this profession and possess the quality of working as team.Our US management team includes, the CEO/Country Director (Mr. Abdul Rashid Khan) and the Country Supervisor Projects (Mr. Mian Umar Farooq).The core team receives due assistance from US based CPA firm, TAX Wizards, as well as Pakistan based admin, finance, technical and business development teams so as to promote AiD USA LLC's interests locally and internationally.

Abdul Rashid Khan, President & CEO
Mr. Abdul Rashid Khan brings with him nearly 20 years of diverse experience in planning, design, implementation, management and evaluation of multi-sectoral development projects. His extensive work experience includes numerous assignments focused on Rural and urban development, human and institutional development and evaluation of multi-million dollar development projects covering physical, social and economic infrastructure.

Over the past ten years he has provided extensive technical and management support to several UNDP, IFAD, UNICEF, ADB, World Bank, SDC and US government-funded multi-sectoral projects. This diverse work experience has led to a significant capacity for development consulting with a high level of exposure to cross cutting issues in social development, gender and the environment. His key strengths include a strong multi-sectoral background, interpersonal skills, effective oral and written communication and a demonstrated potential to work under difficult conditions.

Working in senior positions, Mr. Rashid has had an extensive exposure to policy level work and is fully familiar with all aspects of development planning, implementation and program management. He has lived and worked in the US, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and East Africa and has played a key role in the planning and implementation of major development projects in Pakistan.

Mr. Rashid has closely worked with multi-sectoral teams of international consultants, policy makers in the public sector, development practitioners in the civil society as well as local communities.  He has also led and supervised large teams of professionals in the public and private sectors and has successfully administered large projects. Having worked at senior levels, he is fully familiar with national and international practices in development, the policy and institutional context in a number of countries as well as the major challenges that confront rural and urban development.

Mr. Rashid’s international experience includes a multi-year assignment in the United States and several short term Evaluation/project assignments for IFAD and USG funded projects in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, East Africa, Central Asia/Caucuses and Afghanistan.

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