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Infrastructure/Engineering and the Social Sectors

Core capacities in Infrastructure, Engineering and Social Sectors include support for the full project cycle ranging from:
  • Identification, Project Preparation and Appraisal studies to detailed Project design, Implementation Management
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact studies
  • Design and implementation of large surveys
  • Design and management of training programs in multiple disciplines
  • Research Studies
  • Policy and institutional analysis
  • Linguistics services
  • Filed Assessment of Infrastructure
  • IT infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Design and implementation of large surveys and research studies
  • Business Process re-engineering
  • Social Sector studies

Commercial Services

AiD aims to offer comprehensive consulting services and will focus on specialized services in the following two fields; Real Estate Investments and Import and Export of specialized products related to power generation:

Real Estate Development
The partners of Associates in Development USA, LLC, will be aiming to commit to success in the real estate market and adhere to the rules handed down by the Government. The high level of dedication will enable the company to attract top professionals as associates and clients looking to invest in real estate. The Company will acquire and develop quality properties based on realistic values for its own investment affiliates, as well as its clients. These real estate activities will take place in selected targeted submarkets generally throughout the Unites States, and those activities will focus on fewer, usually larger and more complicated, transactions that take advantage of unique opportunities.

AiD has been active in Pakistan in the Real Estate market. Utilizing its Engineering Division along with its contractor work force is currently constructing buildings in the heart of Islamabad with its own finance.

Hence the identification, purchase, planning, design and construction shall be initiated by the Business Development wing and further backstopped by the Engineering Division.

Import / Export
Import energy related products such as solar panel, wind turbines, biogas systems, etc.

IT consultancy

AiD USA is to offer IT consultancy worldwide. As a strategic solution provider, AiD USA will offer comprehensive IT solutions that enables Enterprise infrastructure.

IT professional services include:

  • Enterprise Services - Management of small to complex projects, Risk planning and mitigation, Management reporting and performance measurement, Project management and training, Independent project oversight, and Independent verification and validation
  • Network Administration - Network Design & Implementation, Network Build, and Network migration, Network Upgrade, Network Support and Training
  • Help Desk & Call Center Solution- Help Desk & Call centers design, Develop and Implementation. These solutions will be offered in conjunction and collaboration of other outsourcing companies
  • Disaster Recovery and Planning – To offer comprehensive disaster recovery services including: disaster recovery assessment study, security risk management study, disaster recovery planning strategy, enterprise storage and data architectures assessment, and disaster recovery offsite testing
  • Project Management – To offer comprehensive IT project management services through certified project managers

Renewable Energy Consultancy

AiD USA to offer Renewable and Alternative Energy Consulting in the following Sub-Sectors:
  • Micro Hydro Power Systems:
    To market turnkey solutions on Micro Hydro Systems worldwide. AiD will work in collaboration with Orient Energy Systems and Zafar Associates.
  • Solar panel power generation & Solar water heating system:
    Aid to market Solar Panel systems from small size application to grid connected large systems. AiD to directly import solar system components to provide cost effective power generation and water heating systems. AiD to solicit projects from International donors and offer complete turnkey solutions. AiD will market this system worldwide.
  • Micro wind Turbine Power Generation:
    Aid to market Micro wind Turbine power generation system in conjunction with Solar Panel system as a combined turnkey solution. This includes assessment, design and complete implementation. All equipment will be acquired directly from manufacturers to make the offering cost effective.
  • Biogas system for power generation:
    Biogas has proven to be a viable technology in the world. AiD to research and offer cost effective turnkey solutions in biogas. The offering will includes, Complete technical design; Economic feasibility; researching Grants where available; Carbon credits (sale of carbon credits to improve the financial viability), and Project financing from private and public sectors.
  • Large scale gas engines power generation:
    AiD USA to work in collaboration with Orient Energy Systems and Zafar associates to offer has complete turnkey solution of large size gas power plants. AiD can offer technical design, feasibility assessment, financing from public and private sectors, and project management. Technical assistance, equipment implementation and support is provided by Orient Energy systems and economic feasibility and financial assistance provided by Zafar associates.
Key to Success
AiD considers the success of its business to be based on the following core values:
  • A core team of professionals who are leaders within there respective fields
  • An international resource pool of experience through established networks and contacts
  • Team working
  • Holistic approach to design with a personal client touch
  • Ethical business procedures
  • Firm financial backing and reputation with many repeat clients
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