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Associates in Development USA, LLC
Chicago/United States
4438 Qakton Street, Suite 104 Skokie
Illinois 60076, USA

Associates in Development, Pvt. Ltd.
AID Executive Centre
22 SCHS, E-11/2 Markaz
Islamabad - Pakistan

House No.1
Sector G-4, Phase 2,
Hayatabad Peshawar - Pakistan

46 Syon Lane Osterley
Middlesex, UK
Tw7 5NQ

welcome to associates in development usa
Associates in Development USA, LLC incorporated in the State of Illinois on July 2010. We will provide superior personal service to our clients by doing customized research for each client. We will take into account client needs and client financial goals.

We chose to locate our main office in Chicago, Illinois, as Chicago is the most accessible city in the country. The transportation hub of the Midwest, Chicago boasts the world's busiest airport and is located at the intersection of the busiest interstate highway system. Chicago is the only U.S. city with three airline hubs, plus 50 commercial, commuter, and cargo airlines at O'Hare alone. All told, the Chicago area offers more nonstop flights than any other city. And, in an increasingly important global economy, airline carriers offer direct service from O'Hare to 60 cities around the world.

Associates in Development USA, LLC is directly affiliated with AiD Pvt Ltd, AiD UAE, and AiDI UK.

AiD Pvt. Ltd, Pakistan is registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SECP) of Pakistan and maintains a core team of dedicated professionals assisted by technical and administrative staff and a large network of closely associated service providers who collectively represent our core strength. The company has an asset base that includes a self-owned office facilities, a sizeable fleet of vehicles, extensive office equipment, conference and training facilities, as well as an array of CAD, survey, testing and printing facilities. The firm has access to a credit rating of over 100 million rupees with various local and international banks and a capacity to mobilize additional finances if required. Within Pakistan, the company has been operating for nearly 20 years and maintains two permanent offices in Islamabad and Peshawar. In addition, the company maintains a number of project-based offices across the length and breadth of the country. Supplementing the core company resources, sizeable project teams in the Social and Engineering sectors annually support single and multi-sector projects. The scope, size and duration of AiD projects vary from modest planning and evaluation studies spread over a few months to large multi-year engagements spanning several sectors. The firm is now recognized as a leading service provider and widely acknowledged for its professional excellence, integrity, and a significant technical and management capacity for the full range of services required in support of development projects.

Within Europe, AiD operates through its affiliate known as Associates In Development International (AIDI), UK. The firm grew out of the many decades of shared experiences of the founding directors, culminating in the formation of Associates in Development International Limited. AiDI is incorporated as a private limited company with the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales and targets selected clients in the UK and the EU market including government organizations, the private sector, and large INGOs.